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AIWARDS stands for Adult Industry Awards Database. This is our first big project and we hope you will like it. We spent over two and a half years to built it from the ground up and populate it with the most known adult awards. There are still bunch of winners to add and track, and our team is constantly working on the database to provide the world with the most accurate index of porn laureates.

“The idea of the project arrived to me on my flight back home from the 2015th AVN Awards Show,” says Alex, the founder of the AIWARDS. “I wondered who had the most awards in porn, but after few hours of research I was not able to obtain even a hint of the answer. Enormous amount of different award ceremonies, fan-voted contests and problems with historical data integrity and reliability, turned my little research into a hard manual labor of computations and accounting. After obtaining only rough estimates for the answer and spending much effort in the doing so, I figured out that creating a global XXX awards database could be a really good project, which will sort everything and answer my original question.”


Our dream is to track all winners and nominees of ever issued industry awards. We know that is a big goal and we might not achieve it in a reasonable time, but we’ll stick to it nonetheless. Our current tasks are:

  • publish all the former winners of XRCO awards, which are missing even in Dirty Bob's archive (Nov 2017);
  • implement winners search engine (Jan 2018);
  • add discontinued award ceremonies, such as F.A.M.E. awards, Hustler awards, Fannys and a few others;
  • publish the part of the database that lists categories.
Plus some other plans that we would like to keep secret for now and release them as surprise.

Sources of information

We collect nominees and winners only from open sources posted by the official representatives of the awards ceremonies. Sources include: official websites press-releases, articles posted on industry news site (AVN, XBIZ) or adult magazines. Sometimes when we have incomplete information we conduct investigation as to identify the exact winners. For example:

  • if the studios that produced the movie is not listed, we search movie database to identify the winner and credit them;
  • we obtain information from industry professionals and old photos posted by them (e.g. Dirty Bob's books);
  • we asked pornstar who is the actual winner (Yes, we've done that).
We don't rely on the aggregate sources of awards, such as Wikipedia or IMDB. But we sometimes use them to find the original sources.

We are currently working on the full list of our sources, so as to provide users with the ability to verify our data.


We are too shy to present ourselves, for now…

Help the project

This is our hobby project and we work on it during our free time, in order for us to keep on working we should get some fair amount of $$$. We don't have any donation options, but if you want to support us — just buy the movies using the affiliate links on our site. Also you may get Unlimited subscription on AdultDVDEmpire, which will also make us (and you) happy.

If you want to help us with some information about winners or fix errors, please contact us.


We would like to give our respect to several projects, that we really appreciate.

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